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Welcome to the office of Laina Feinstein, MD, where we're entirely devoted to helping you look and feel your very best.

Dr. Laina Feinstein specializes in Internal Medicine in Southfield, Michigan. Dr. Laina Feinstein friendly staff in Southfield, Michigan

Care, Confidence and a Personal Touch

Dr. Feinstein specializes in Internal Medicine. She cares for patients ranging in age from teens to the elderly. Internal Medicine doctors are unique because they focus on adult medicine only. Much of an internists medical training is learning how to prevent, diagnose and treat diseases that affect adults. Dr. Feinstein practices traditional and alternative medicine as well as medical acupuncture. 

  • Free Zerona Consultations 
  • We Accept Most Insurances & Medicare 
  • We Do All Insurance Paperwork
  • Physical Therapy Done By Physician with Complimentary 20 Minute Massage 
  • Zerona Available 7 Days A Week

Our team of trained health care professionals with a combined 30+ years of experience will assist you in arranging your first appointment. Call us at 248-809-3694. 

The office performs:

Nuclear cardio stress test

Bone density test DEXA

Bone scan


Ultrasound of all internal organs

Pelvic ultrasound

CAT scan



Arterial Doppler of the legs (PAD screening)

Venous Doppler for blood clots

Laboratory works

PAP smears

VAT evaluation of the dizziness

15 minutes blood work for a heart attack, Heart failure, blood clots in the lungs


Office has a newly equipped physical therapy suit and gym where the treatment provides by licensed physical therapists, as well as massage therapists.

Cold laser - the most effective for carpal-tunnel syndrome



Electrical muscle stimulation



Meridian regulatory acupuncture

A modern and almost painless acupuncture done only by a physician

Treatment of:


Depression, anxiety



Chronic fatigue

Chronic headache

Migraine headache

Parkinson disease

Multiple sclerosis



Carpal-tunnel syndrome - the best alternation to surgery

Zerona - noninvasive procedure FDA approved in April 2010

Weight loss program according to the body type with weight loss of 2-4 pounds per week


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