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Very good doctor, compassionate. helped with my shoulder pain.

— Yefim A., oak park, MI

I really appreciate Dr. Max Feinstein for outstanding professional Osteopathic help. My back pain was gone just after two appointments with Dr. Feinstein. I would definitely recommend to visit Dr.Max Feinstein for Osteopathic manipulative assistance.

— Larisa S., West Bloomfield, MI

Dr. Max Feinstein had treating my knee and back pain for a number of times now. In only a few sections my pains resolved completely. Even my knee pain went away for months the first time he treated me. I never had osteopathic treatment before, but I will come back again anytime I have pain. Dr. Feinstein is very professional, courteous, takes his time explaining everything, and is very nice. He seems to really enjoy helping people. Thank you Dr. Max for helping with my pain.

— Raisa R., Troy, MI

I was going to Dr. Max for the last 3 month. He has treated me about 3 times with excellent results. First he fixed my rib and then my back that started hurting. My wife also went to him and got treated for her issues. He has a really good bedside manner and explains everything very well. Osteopathic treatment is amazing. I've never had anything like it. Will recommend him to anyone.

— Gennady R., Troy, MI

I would like to write here to saw that Dr. Max Feinstein really helped me. I had headaches for many years, have seen neurology about them and only got minor relief. They were effecting my life. I went to Dr. Max Feinstein for osteopathic manipulation and was really impressed. He was very professional, nice, explained everything , and took time to talk with me. Dr. Max treated my entire body as well as the head. Not only did my headaches go away after 4 treatments, but he also made my back feels better and more loose. After the first treatment I also noticed that I was sleeping better. I couldn't say enough good things about Dr. Max and his treatments, would recommend him to anyone with back and headaches.

— Iosef S., west bloomfield, MI

Dr. Max Feinstein is very good and professional doctor. OMT is therapy has shown to be effective in treating migraine and tension headaches. Tension Headaches: These types of headaches can be caused by muscle spasms, trigger points, TMJ dysfunction, neck alignment, stress, hormonal/chemical changes, dehydration, and stress. I had vary bad headache but Dr. MAX FEINSTEIN help me to for8 about this.

— Viktoriya K., West Blo5, MI

I saw Dr. Max Feinstein for back pain. He was recommended to me by Dr. Laina Feinstein, because my back was not improving. Dr. Max does osteopathic medicine and it was very gentle. He explained everything very good. After the first treatment I already felt better. I saw him 4 times now and keep getting better. I am able to do more at home and outside. able to walk longer and go on trips. Thank you for helping me with my pain.

— Musya R., Oak Park, MI

I saw Dr. Max Feinstein for a few times. I had dizziness and neck pain that not going away. He was very nice and spent lots of time with me. His manipulations helped to stop my pain and dizziness. I recommend to all try him if they are having pain or other problems.

— Larisa S., walled lake, MI

I am with Dr. Laina Feinstein for many many years. I was complaining of dizziness for a long time and nothing was able to help. Neurology only wanted to give me medication and told me I could have it my whole life. Dr. Feinstein recommended I should try her son, Dr. Max Feinstein. He does manipulation medicine. He treated my dizziness the first time I saw him. I got fast improvement. after 3 times it went away completely. I am very thankful to him and his magic hands. My wife goes to Dr. Max as well and he helped her a lot.

— Illiador S., walled lake, MI

I have been going to Dr. Max Feinstein for chronic headaches. Only have been with him for two treatments, but am already seeing improvements. My husband went to him for similar problems and those headaches went away within 1-2 treatments. Dr. Feinstein does manipulative treatments that are very gentle but work wonders. I have suffered with these headaches for years and nothing has helped. I am amazing that after only these 2 treatments, I am already feeling better. I still have the headaches when weather is changing, but they are less powerful and go away faster. Headaches seems more rare now.

— Nadia B., west bloomfield, MI

I had the Zerona procedure at Dr Feinstein's office. This procedure truly works. I lost 18 1/2 inches in just 3 weeks. If you follow the steps she tells you, you will definately lose. I not only lost in the belly I also lost in the arms, legs, hips and neck. It is a painless procedure and you can go on with your usual activities. I have kept the inches off and in fact lost more after the procedure. If you want to lose weight I encourage you to have this procedure done. It is a great way to lose weight.

— Cheryl M., Ferndale , MI

I recommend Zerona to everyone trying loose inches. I am currently on a weight loss program. I have lost weight but the inches were hard to get rid of. I am a patient of Dr. Feinstein and a satisfied customer and plan to return to lose more inches.

— Patricia A., Southfield, MI

I recently had the Zerona procedure done in Dr. Feinstein's office. I was skeptical at first but after doing some research to see what the side effects were and is this procedure safe, I found there were no side effects and the procedure was safe and can be done in the privacy of Dr. Feinstein's office. The procedure took about 20 minutes on both sides and the nurse made sure that I was comfortable at all times. While taking Zerona treatments you must exercise and drink plenty of water daily to get the results you are looking for. Now how easy can this be. Like any weight loss program you must follow all the steps prescribed by the doctor to get the results you are looking for and believe me you will see results and feel like a better person, I do.

— Ladores A., Bloomfield Hills, MI

I recently had the Zerona procedure done in the privacy of Dr. Feinsten's office. After 9 sessions i have lost 9.6 inches in total. I followed the doctor's instructions, worked out 3 times a week and absolutely satisfied with the results. I would definitely recomend it to anyone who whished to loos extra inches in problem ares. Thank you Dr. Feinsten

— Lyudmila G., Waterford, MI

I had six tri-polar treatments in Dr Feinstein's office. I am 58 and had deep wrinkles especially the marionette lines and around my mouth. I cannot believe the amazing difference and the number of compliments I receive about "looking great," but with no idea I had anything done. There is absolutely no down time; I could have a treatment at lunch and work in the afternoon. I recommend these treatments unconditionally...the treatment itself is relaxing and the results amazing

— Barb R., Birmingham, MI