Max Feinstein, DO: Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine
& Internal Medicine

A patient speaks with a doctor in this image. Dr. Max Feinstein, DO, treats patients in Wayne County, Michigan.
As an osteopathic medicine doctor and neuromusculoskeletal specialist, Dr. Max Feinstein, DO, offers a comprehensive approach to patient care. He combines essential primary care with osteopathy to identify and treat underlying causes of patients’ health concerns. In addition to traditional medicine, he offers holistic medicine, joint injections, and dermatology.

Dr. Feinstein graduated from the West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine in 2013, and he did his residency at Beaumont Health Systems.

He is fully trained and licensed to practice the entire range and scope of medicine, but he has additional training in the principles and practice of osteopathy and osteopathic manipulative medicine. This specialized training allows him to diagnose and treat disorders and diseases in ways that are unique to the osteopathic profession.

Named a Top Doc by his peers, Dr. Max Feinstein joined his mother’s medical practice in Southfield after medical school.

A patient signs documents at the front desk of a medical office.

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