Yearly Pap Smear Tests

A yearly pap smear test screens for ovarian cancer, cervical cancer, and STDs are available through our Southfield internal medicine practice.

A woman should get her first pap smear at the age of 21. During the test, the doctor gently scrapes the cervix using a small pap smear brush or pap smear spatula. These cells will then be analyzed in our lab, and the doctor will notify you of your pap smear results and discuss treatment options of you have an abnormal pap smear test.

The exam only takes a couple of minutes, although you may experience some mild discomfort. A pap smear appointment typically includes a manual breast exam as well, which also only takes a few minutes.


Detection of the Human Papillomavirus

A pap smear test for STDs such as the human papillomavirus is an effective method of protecting patients and their partners.

Women age 21 to 29 who have normal pap smear results only need to take the test every three years. Women over the age of 30 should have yearly pap smear tests that also check for the human papillomavirus. In most cases, positive HPV shows no signs, does not lead to cancer, and may even clear itself.

In the United States, high-risk HPVs cause 3 percent of all cancers in women and 2 percent of all cancers in men. HPV is estimated to cause about 34,000 cancers each year, according to the Centers for Disease Control.

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For women, a yearly pap smear test is an important part of overall health care, which is the benefit of having the pap smear performed by our internal medicine doctor. Dr. Feinstein can create a comprehensive treatment plan for you based on your various health care needs.

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